Datacenter and ISP Support

ISP and NOC Support

VAU Networks offer technical support plans for Datacenters, NOCs and ISP providers.
If you are a Datacenter / ISP and you are looking to reduce expenses and delegation without compromising your service quality, Then with us you will be making the right choice.
Our expert team will be there for your systems and servers around the clock, managing everything that your systems and servers will need.
With this service we provide the following: Server builds, 24/7 service monitoring, Ticketing tool support, server hardening, Services optimization, Abuse handling, Mitigating DDOS attacks, Instant Server Reboot, Supporting L1-L3 issues.

  • Keep your servers running smoothly with our top tier technical server audit.
  • Remote OS installation, tuning and customization of servers. With expert support in various operating systems such as Redhat, Oracle Linux, CentOS, Solaris, Debian.
  • Root Cause analysis for OS & storage issues in case of unexpected behavior occuring within the components
  • Server cluster support using bonding, fiber channel, iscsi, DM multipathing, Linux HA, Redhat cluster suite. Cloud Setup &Deployment (OnAPP VirtualStack VMware etc)
  • Installation and Configuration LAMP server and also various Linux OS services such as DNS (BIND),NTP, CUPS, NIS, NFS, SAMBA, HTTPD, FTP, SFTP, DHCP services, Mailservers (Sendmail, Exim, PostFix) Patch update & LVM, PXE boot, kickstart, Software installation, Squid, Software RAID Configuration under Red hat Enterprise Linux and various other Linux platforms
  • Logical Volume Management and Filesystem Maintenance & Management. Resolving file inconsistency issues and booting server in rescue mode to debug problems
  • Kernel crash debugging, upgrading custom kernels, kernel performance tuning
  • Installing all major control panels including SolusVM, CPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, Kloxo, Webmin, OpenVZ, WHMCS integration's
  • Configuring Xen and KVM nodes and integrating with SolusVM and other VPS control panel
  • Mitigating DDOS attacks through iptraf, open source modules and blocking abusive IPs
  • We will take care of your abuse departments tasks including Phishing attacks, Spam attacks, Malware attacks, SYN attack, Copyright Infringement etc will all be taken care of.
  • Automated Backup Configuration and Disaster Management service
  • Troubleshooting network issues and Configuring Network bonding including IPv6
  • ITIL process in server management
  • Installing Open source monitoring tools such as Nagios, Cacti, SNMP, Observium etc.
  • Installation and Configuration of Web Applications/Languages/Components (Perl, PHP, ASP.NET etc.). FFMPEG installation with associated modules. shell scripting, python and PHP scripting for UNIX automation, Infrastructure monitoring
  • SSL installation for website’s/mail servers through all hosting panels and also through back end
  • IIS 6 / IIS7 Troubleshooting Installation of Windows Server specific tools/applications like Persists Upload ASPUPLOAD .NET Applications HTTREWRITE tools etc.
  • Recovering databases from Innodb crashes, Mysql service tuning. Modification of database variables such as max connections, memory used etc. We also do DB migrations from one server to another and also control panel migrations without any data loss
  • Server Hardening & Security vulnerabilities checks

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