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VAU Networks offer some of the most competitive rates in the UK and Internationally, all with the high call quality you would expect from an awesome UK provider. The rates offered below are our standard business rates. If you wish to discuss high volume traffic prices we can offer you custom rates.

UK Popular destinations

UK Landline (01, 02 and 03 Numbers) 1.0p per minute UK Mobile (o2) 6.4p per minute
UK 0845 6.2p per minute UK Mobile (Vodafone) 6.4p per minute
UK 0800 / 0808 Free UK Mobile (EE) 6.4p per minute
UK 0870 5.4p per minute UK Mobile (Virgin Media) 6.4p per minute
UK 0843 / 0844 Varies UK Mobile (Three) 6.4p per minute

Top International Locations

P.R. China (86) 0.016p per minute Canada (1) 0.004p per minute
France (33) 0.006p per minute India (91) 0.020p per minute
Thailand (66) 0.023p per minute USA (1) 0.010p per minute
Jamaica Mobile (1876) 0.204p per minute Spain (34) 0.008p per minute
Sweden Landline (46) 0.011p per minute Denmark (45) 0.008p per minute
Germany Landline (49) 0.008p per minute Italy Landline (39) 0.008p per minute
Switzerland Landline (41) 0.013p per minute Poland Landline (48) 0.010p per minute
Pakistan Landline (92) 0.110p per minute Sri Lanka Landline (94) 0.174p per minute
Mexico Landline (52) 0.006p per minute Brazil Landline (55) 0.014p per minute

Although the call charges are based on per minute we actually bill the call to per second. A 60 second call to a UK Mobile will cost you 6.4p therefore a 30 second call will cost 3.2p. A 2p connection charge applies to all calls on our wholesale tariff except those which are zero rated.

As well as the call charges shown we also offer some exciting call rates to other top international destinations.

With our Calling Card Account you can perform the following functions:

  • Connect a Soft-Phone or SIP Phone Directly to your account Details and start dialling without a PBX Needed.
  • Add your Calling Card Details to your Current PBX Server to call out with our awesome low rates!
  • Dial our inbound access number to call our for less using your Calling Card, saving you a tonne of Money!
  • Top up your account directly from your client area so no multiple logins need be remembered!
  • Check your remaining balance from your client area AND via your connected telephone by dialling 150!
  • What's Holding you back?

    Time to start dialling for less with our Free VOIP PAYG Account!

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